PharmaXtracts Unflavored CBD Crystalline Isolate

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Unflavored CBD Crystalline Isolate 500mg (Half gram)

PharmaXtracts CBD Crystalline Isolate can be added to your diet or smoked using a Portable E-Nail Kit or Electric Nail Vaporizer (available at any smoke shop) for the strongest, most potent smoke available in the CBD world.  

We sell our CBD Crystalline Isolate in its pure form and in a variety of natural and artificial favors. Our 500 milligram size provides 10 doses of 50 milligrams

If you are dissatisfied with your old remedies, try joining the CBD revolution so you can relax, recuperate, revitalize, and reflect.  It provides a different kind of feeling good, one that takes the edge off while you get the edge back.

Our laboratory tested, pure, white crystalline cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from mature hemp stalks using our exclusive, propriety process resulting in a pure CBD containing no other cannabinoids to interfere with the amazing  effectiveness of CBD so you can enjoy the full CBD experience!